Carmidanick Maltese

Ch. Les Llunes Ariadne – aka Ari

Sex: Female

OWNER; Carol Roberts


  • 2 Best Puppy In breed
  • 1 Best Baby 3 In Show
  • 4 Best Junior in Breed
  • 4 C.C.J
  • 1 Res. Best Junior in Show
  • 6 C.A.Cs
  • 4 C.A.C.I.B
  • 1 group 3
  • Sp. Jun. Ch. Title
  • Gib. Jun. Ch. Title
  • Sp. Ch. Title
  • Gib. Ch. Title

Ari is Korean bred with the sweetest head, a good strong body,

level topline and sweet temperament. She weighs 3 kgs.

Ch. Les Llunes Ariadne
Ch. Les Llunes Ariadne
Sex: Female
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